Free Riot Points - League of Legends

Hello there,

Today I will explain how to obtain Riot Points for no cost in League of Legends. It's quite simple to do, and can be replicated as many times as you wish. I would recommend not doing this more than 2-3 times per day, as someone managing to get millions of Riot Points does look very suspicious! Not to mention, all of the ingame purchases within the game wouldn't add up to that amount. All I'm saying is, use common sense when using tools like this!

Now my disclaimer is out of the way, let me give you what you're after. First, navigate to and click the gold button labeled "Use Generator". This will load a page allowing you to input your Summoner name. Input your summoners name, and click the region your account is associated (EU West, EU East...etc). Then, click "Generate". The website will load for a few seconds, and a popup will appear. Click "Verify Now" and follow the steps onscreen. This is to make sure you're not a member of staff from Riot and that you're not reselling the services from the site. If people abuse this service it will get shut down a lot quicker, which would be a shame as it's actually really good!

Once you have successfully verified, by entering all legitimate information, you will now be able to log into League of Legends and see the Riot Points. In my experience it sometimes takes 5-10 minutes for it to work properly, I'm not sure if this is because of increased traffic or just there is a delay, but don't panic if it doesn't work immediately.

I hope you've enjoyed this, I was actually shocked for a second when I found this out, as you can imagine! Enjoy your skins, and feel free to share this with your friends and family. Just be sure to tell them to use it in moderation, and to not abuse this service. I'd imagine Riot Games would be annoyed at something like this, because the majority of their income comes from people buying their ingame currencies. Personally, I think they're over priced, I can understand how much a game like League of Legends must cost to run and make, but times are hard especially financially - so hopefully I've helped some of you out!

My recommendations for skins to check out are Infernal Nasus, Final Boss Veigar, Giant Enemy Crabgot. These are my favourite skins ingame, and some of them are actually very expensive to purchase! Especially if you live in a country with a lower national wage than the USA - but using the above site you no longer have to worry about that! Remember you can also purchase Ward Skins and other ingame items, not just champion skins. You can also change the region your account is associated with if you didn't know already.